Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SIRCUITSKIN Off to our launch in Australia!!

The plane...the plane.
On our way to Sydney! Oooonly 14 hours!

A room with a view!!!

What a view...and right from my hotel room window...wow!
Family Photo!
Can you believe we walked on the top of that thing? You don't believe me?...see below for proof..haha.


Marie and Mario Cocciolone
Peta Hastings and Alec Blacklaw
Dr. George Kassar

Getting ready for the big night...

Everyone got involved preparing for SIRCUIT's big event! Hi Cassandra and Alex!
The launch was held at an amazing resturant called Wildfire directly across the water from the famous Sydney Opera House.

Here we go.....

SIRCUIT's Sydney Debut!

After all the presentations it was time to get this party started!
The SIRCUIT and INSKIN team!

Bondi Beach

and who couldn't go to Sydney and not visit the famous Bondi Beach?

Sydney Harbor Bridge...what a view!

Christine and I took a much needed break and did the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb....whew! It took about 3 hours from start to finish.

The Melbourne Launch!

The Melbourne launch welcomed us with a huge end to end rainbow...a sure sign of great things to come!

Everyones favorite part...the gift bags!
The absolute "Stars" of the show!


Just the boys out celebrating the sucessful launch!
and of course we couldn't have done it without the amazing SIRCUIT girls!!

Melbourne Sights!

Our hotel was amazing!
Luna Park..how cool is this?
O.M.G. the sights and the food, yummmmm!!!
Even the coffee was incredible!!
Hey...where's my steering wheel??!!
G'Day Mates!! We had a brillant trip!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It’s Official!

SIRCUIT® COSMECEUTICALS Inc. has added Australia and New Zealand to its distribution roster by partnering with INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP PTY LTD. Based in Los Angeles, California, SIRCUIT®SKIN is considered to be the leader in the formulation of advanced Chiral Technology skin therapy treatment products. Their fresh, all natural skin care line is unparalleled to any other line available and SIRCUIT®SKIN is proud to introduce its ground breaking products to Australia and New Zealand.

INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP was selected for their keen understanding on SIRCUIT®SKIN’S natural approach, paraben free philosophy, extensive product line and the unique Chiral technology that sets SIRCUIT® SKIN apart from other skin care treatment lines. The fact that INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP is well known in the industry, have a great reputation and are committed to a salon exclusive brand, ensures both the strength and future of SIRCUIT®SKIN and INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP “down under”.

Committed to positioning SIRCUIT®SKIN as a global brand, and bringing the beauty industry the best the world has to offer, SIRCUIT®SKIN couldn’t be happier with this new partnership.

INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP brings to the table an amalgamation of five successful individuals with skill sets that cover all the needs of running a successful beauty distribution business.
Based in Sydney Australia, with offices in both Sydney and Melbourne, INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP will have the exclusive rights of the SIRCUIT®SKIN and SIRCUIT®PRO divisions for both Australia and New Zealand.

Congratulations to INSKIN COSMEDICS GROUP and welcome to the SIRCUIT®SKIN family!!