Monday, September 27, 2010

We're Excited To Welcome Newest EXHALE Mind Body Spa Location In Atlanta To The SIRCUIT® Family!

Let’s face it, with summer quickly becoming a distant memory and the holidays fast approaching, mind and body relaxation is crucial. Lucky for you the new EXHALE Mind Body Spa location in Atlanta is officially open for business!!

Perched on the seventh floor of the grand new Loews Atlanta Hotel in the heart of Midtown, this 22,500- square foot spa and fitness mecca is just the thing you busy Atlantans have been longing for.   Expect to find everything from spa therapies, yoga and their signature Core Fusion® classes to healing & wellness programs. This beautiful oasis features 15 therapy rooms, two Core Fusion® & Yoga Rooms, a chic nail bar overlooking the city and full body gym with all the amenities.

If I know all you skincare junkies out there, you’ll be holding off on the yoga and acupuncture for the moment and making a bee-line straight for their Smart Peel facial.  This signature facial treatment features none other than SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals pure, concentrated skin treatment solutions.

Depending on your needs, your skin care specialist will select one of three peels, each consisting of a chirally correct blend of protective, corrective and cell-stimulating ingredients, achieving spectacular results on a range of conditions. Address sun damage, wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation & more with little to no irritating reactions. SIRCUIT® takes more of a “be good to yourself” approach with peels that are free of parabens, fillers, artificial colors, preservatives & fragrance while still being highly active and effective. These are not your mother’s house-arrest peels, instead you’re left with a softer, smoother, brighter, protected complexion.

So come on Atlanta, what are you waiting for? Check at the new Exhale Mind Body Spa today, located at 1065 Peachtree St. NE, and experience a SIRCUIT® Smart Peel for yourself!



I can't tell you how fantastic it is to have an email like this waiting in your inbox:

Hi April,

Let me tell you how impressed I am firstly by your product and secondly by your follow up email...I've never in my life received a personalized email asking me if I had any thoughts or comments or questions from a representative after I placed an order for their product.  This blew me away, and I am very thankful for it!
I absolutely adore your products and have significantly already noticed a difference in my skin after just a couple weeks using the sample pack. Everything I have tried is exceptional.  I would say "especially....." but really everything I especially love.  I am going to try a different night time cream I'm thinking of dream weaver because I want an over all night acting moisturizer- while at the same time take care of my fine lines on my forehead (I'm 22; so I'm a little worried about them, but maybe worrying is where I got them in the first place!) ;) Please let me know any feedback- I'd greatly appreciate it.  I love your company- from the common sense behind it to the really smart packaging.  It is like the Apple Computer company of the skin-care world- And believe me I've tried a lot.  I work in high end retail and have seen and been witness to the gamut of skin care both expensive and cheap.  Before this I've been using NARS for a while, but I found their products have become too harsh for my skin.  I also greatly appreciate the humor and I'm sure that this company was created by a gay man, which being a very politically active gay man myself, I will support my fellow community in anyway I can.  So thank him for me for coming out with an intelligent company.  Really a breath of fresh air.  Thanks again, Nathan K.

Thank you Nathan! It's so great to be appreciated by a savvy customer like yourself who really gets it! Welcome to the SIRCUIT® family! And...for all you SIRCUIT® addicts out there...keep the fan mail coming :)

Goji Berries: SIRCUIT®'s Little Miracle Fruit

Lycium Barabarum Fruit Extract, or Goji berries as they are most commonly known, are perhaps one of the richest sources of vitamins and other nutrients. It has been clinically proven to contain more than 18 different amino acids and vitamins like B1, B2, B6, C & E and is perhaps the best source of vitamin C around. Goji berries are also rich source of antioxidants.

And what is the importance of an antioxidant? Well it is the primary ingredient that fights the aging process. And that is why it has also found topical applications and should be a key ingredients to look for in skin care products. So it's only natural that SIRCUIT® has incorporated this "superfruit" into the latest skin treatment:

Oraia anti-aging l intensive regeneration complex

Goji Berry or Instalift Goji as it pertains to this treatment provides long term anti-aging benefits and instant firming. Instalift Goji is an isolated active glycopeptide fraction which combines the skin lifting and firming strength of both proteins and polysaccharides. This goji glycopeptide fraction forms a perfect rigid lifting mesh to support sagging and wrinkled skin, creating an immediate visible appearance of lifting. Goji glycopeptides further offer critical long term anti-aging functions via: MMP inhibition, antioxidant activity, anti-apoptotic and collagen stimulatory activity for a complete anti-aging treatment.

With more than 20 innovative, active ingredients, there is no one super star ingredient in Oraia. But Goji berry certainly makes its mark!

For more information on this 42 day treatment that virtually overflows with powerful concentrations of many active ingredients including SIRCUIT®'s little miracle fruit, Goji Berries, click here.