Monday, August 27, 2007

Help Is On The Way

Every since I began to use Sircuit products, my skin has NEVER felt better! I can’t say enough to show my gratitude to a line that truly cares about our health and actually gets ‘it’. As I entered my adult years, I began to suffer from rosacea around my face. I didn’t understand it and I began to get frustrated after trying many products claiming to help my situation. None worked. In fact, some aggravated my symptoms more and made me self conscious. Not a good thing. My point here is that I want to share an email that a friend of mine sent me. She also suffers from rosacea and little did we know that help was on the way in a little bottle called OMG.

My Dearest Carlos,

Thank you so much for letting me try the OMG serum. A week later and my skin has never felt or looked so good! The redness and itching from my rosacea have completely subsided. Even the red bumps have disappeared. I can’t believe it! You were right. After all these years I FINALLY find something that works and that helped me! I’m actually wearing less make-up now, me…could you believe that. Please extend my gratitude to Michael for created an amazing line. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What exactly is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)?

These three little letters have been making quite a buzz with beauty editors and among Hollywood’s elite. It is one of the most sought after ingredients and Hollywood has tagged it as the “fountain of youth”. Let’s get the facts first, what is it? As we age, our skin becomes sluggish and cell turnover decreases over 50%. EGF is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies that dramatically increases skin cell regeneration. Sircuit has taken EGF, derived from yeast, and incorporated into OMG Serum, Sircuit Addict and Dream Weaver Night Time Moisturizer. It basically rejuvenates cells which in turn repairs and heals skin for a younger healthier look. OMG, Addict and Dream Weaver are the ‘IT’ beauty products making waves among everyone seeking great skin. OMG Serum will be making its debut with this years Emmy Nominees; helping them put their best face forward!

Stay young…Carlos

Men…It’s about time to save FACE!

Let’s face it, the one thing that men need to do as we age is to take care of our face…and we don’t. We still use soap for our face, body and hair. And almost all men skip moisturizers. Men certainly have made their mark in the beauty industry but they still need some direction. Sircuit is here to break it down and simplify men’s daily routine. The question is, if Sircuit could choose one thing for men to use every day to help their skin look healthy and young, what would it be? Well, I found out first hand that it is Sircuit Addict! This is one addiction that men won’t need help getting rid of. Sircuit Addict is a powerful firming anti-oxidant serum that strengthens the skin so that it is better able to cope with environmental or lifestyle stress. And the best part, biopeptides provide long term nutritive, water retentive and wrinkle reducing benefits! No more excuses on why many of us look tired! Sircuit Addict is here to help us men look our best with little effort…show some RESPECT!
Carlos - Sircuit Addict at Heart!