Friday, February 8, 2008

Sircuit Addict In New Beauty Magazine

Fighting free radicals has been a major focus for skincare in the past few years, but why is it such a cause for concern? New Beauty magazine covers this important topic in their February issue and offers the perfect solution---our Addict Anti-Aging Serum!

Based on this diagram from the New Beauty article, just like when you cut an apple and it turns brown, your skin can start to look dull and lifeless as the result of free radicals. New Beauty defines free radicals as “unstable extra electrons that seek out other extra electrons from healthy cells, damaging them and creating more free radicals in the process.” While the body has natural antioxidants to fight this damage, the defense system can become weakened with age.

New Beauty’s solution, our Sircuit Skin Sircut Addict Firming Anti-Aging Addict Serum offers a ton of active ingredients to fight these free radicals including vitamin E, green tea, and grape-seed extract. As New Beauty puts it, Addict “reads like a veritable laundry list of antioxidants.” Think of the serum as a shield protecting your skin from an army of aggressors. With firming and moisture properties and maximum protection from the environment, you’re not just going to love it, you’re going to become addicted.