Thursday, May 3, 2007

GEORGE LOPEZ and The Kidney Foundation Fundraiser!

The "Swag" coordinated by the famous fab Madison and Mulholland team of Jane Ubell and Barbara Bowman.

Hillary Duff loading up on some Sircuitskin Swag!

George with everybody's favorite product...the "StarSpray" otherwise know as Sircuit's Molecular Mist!

George, Christine and Amy, hammimg it up for the cameras.

Samuel Jackson was also in the mood to check us out.

Michael Chiklis was on the Sircuit.

Renee Olstead is so beautiful!

Melanie Paxton, Nichole and Babyface, Eva La Rue, and Erin Daniels from the L Word all picked up some scrumptious Sircuit Swag at the event!

The amazing Sircuit Swag Crew...Carlos, Dino, Michael, Amy, and Christine.

It was a great event! Special Thanks to George Lopez and his fantastic, loving family! You're the best!

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acaligurl said...

i'm an esthetican in pacific grove, ca. just rec'vd my info packet and love the x-trap and i'm addicted to dreamweaver!!! amazing products!