Friday, September 5, 2008 Features Sircuit’s Molecular Mist, a popular website for hip moms and kids, names Sircuit’s Molecular Mist as a ‘Beauty Find’ for clearer skin!

What did they have to say?

“Toners have come a long way since Bonnie Bell’s Ten-O-Six concoction in the ‘70s. Here’s an anti-bacterial mist from Sircuit Skin that plumps, restores, refreshes and helps keep skin looking clear. Use under makeup in the a.m. and before bed after cleansing. The scent is fresh and you’ll soon be addicted.”

Click on the link to visit the site:

Let us know what you think about Molecular Mist and what it has done for your skin!

Sircuit Fanatic…Carlos Torres

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