Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flaunt.NK...On Cloud 9™?

Okay, so the packaging is bare bones and ordering from a derm-approved site means this is serious skin care. There aren't many night creams that make you want to slather the whole jar over your bod.

Cloud 9 ($95) from Sircuit Skin is proof that beauty is as easy as ABC – absolutely, basic cream chock full of an A list roster of ingredients we rarely see. Half moisture-charged, half treatment based, it's one of the few face creams that has an exceptionally high water content. And, with antioxidants such as Tripeptide-1 (active copper), EGF (from yeast) and Lycine (amino acid) you might just think you’lll feel like your getting a full-fledged facial every night. Your sci-fi fix of the day:  when used in moderate amounts, copper peptides (also known as GHK-Cu) may be a powerful weapon against skin aging. According to James J. Leyden, founder of the School’s Skin Study Center, “GHK-Cu incorporated into skin care and cosmetic products is useful for improving the appearance of aging skin. Products containing GHK-Cu result in rapid improvement in skin condition, including reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, sallowness, laxity and hyperpigmentation (brown spots).”  

Cloud 9 is that cream of magnificence that would render the treatment a must-have even if you forgo you Starbucks addiction for a month. Detoxifies impurities so skin looks illuminated by an inner source of perfect health. Used nightly -- just slather, slowly -- is what Cristal might feel like if it was made for your skin. You get only one skin in life to rejuvenate. Do it right. 

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