Monday, September 27, 2010


I can't tell you how fantastic it is to have an email like this waiting in your inbox:

Hi April,

Let me tell you how impressed I am firstly by your product and secondly by your follow up email...I've never in my life received a personalized email asking me if I had any thoughts or comments or questions from a representative after I placed an order for their product.  This blew me away, and I am very thankful for it!
I absolutely adore your products and have significantly already noticed a difference in my skin after just a couple weeks using the sample pack. Everything I have tried is exceptional.  I would say "especially....." but really everything I especially love.  I am going to try a different night time cream I'm thinking of dream weaver because I want an over all night acting moisturizer- while at the same time take care of my fine lines on my forehead (I'm 22; so I'm a little worried about them, but maybe worrying is where I got them in the first place!) ;) Please let me know any feedback- I'd greatly appreciate it.  I love your company- from the common sense behind it to the really smart packaging.  It is like the Apple Computer company of the skin-care world- And believe me I've tried a lot.  I work in high end retail and have seen and been witness to the gamut of skin care both expensive and cheap.  Before this I've been using NARS for a while, but I found their products have become too harsh for my skin.  I also greatly appreciate the humor and I'm sure that this company was created by a gay man, which being a very politically active gay man myself, I will support my fellow community in anyway I can.  So thank him for me for coming out with an intelligent company.  Really a breath of fresh air.  Thanks again, Nathan K.

Thank you Nathan! It's so great to be appreciated by a savvy customer like yourself who really gets it! Welcome to the SIRCUIT® family! And...for all you SIRCUIT® addicts out there...keep the fan mail coming :)

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