Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What exactly is EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)?

These three little letters have been making quite a buzz with beauty editors and among Hollywood’s elite. It is one of the most sought after ingredients and Hollywood has tagged it as the “fountain of youth”. Let’s get the facts first, what is it? As we age, our skin becomes sluggish and cell turnover decreases over 50%. EGF is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies that dramatically increases skin cell regeneration. Sircuit has taken EGF, derived from yeast, and incorporated into OMG Serum, Sircuit Addict and Dream Weaver Night Time Moisturizer. It basically rejuvenates cells which in turn repairs and heals skin for a younger healthier look. OMG, Addict and Dream Weaver are the ‘IT’ beauty products making waves among everyone seeking great skin. OMG Serum will be making its debut with this years Emmy Nominees; helping them put their best face forward!

Stay young…Carlos

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