Friday, November 21, 2008

Give Me A Break

My dad always told me everyone deserves a little R&R. With the insanity that is our daily life, we all should take time to ourselves and just relax. I just moved into a great new condo and I finally have a bathtub, something I’ve wanted for a long time. The other night I put on Sircuit’s Mocha Loca peel and set in for a relaxing bubble bath in my new tub. I was overwhelmed with delight for the scent of natural cocoa and coffee and found myself wishing I could actually taste the product (I didn’t). After my bath and rinsing the Mocha Loca off my face, I generously applied Sircuit’s R&R calming cream. My skin was ultra hydrated, soft to the touch and it left me looking rested and relaxed. That’s just the kind for R&R this hard working girl needed!

Relaxed Sircuit Addict Amy

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