Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thee Experience...

Since I began using Sircuit products, my skin’s appearance had vastly improved and I was eager to try and experience a professional Sircuit facial. A few weeks ago I went to the Santa Monica Medi Spa and I was treated to an amazing facial. This one hour facial used a variety of Sircuit products, X-Trap - gentle face wash, Birthday Cake - gentle facial polish, Youth Accelerator – pumpkin enzyme mask, Molecular Mist – the hydrating moisture care, and I got a terrific shoulder and arm massage with Happiness – mango essential massage lotion. After the facial was over, my skin was baby soft and glowing. I couldn’t believe how refreshed and re-hydrated my skin looked. I actually was getting compliments from my friends that same evening…without mentioning I treated myself to a Sircuit facial just a few hours before. I now know why people become Sircuit Addicts; I recently added my name to the growing list.

Sircuit Addict....Amy from JS2

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