Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Original Pilot For HBO's "Entourage"

Attention Sircuit Fanatics! Sircuit is becoming one of Hollywood's most sought after skincare line! Thanks to Julie and Robert, the make-up team over at Entourage, they sent us a signed copy of the first script ever, the original pilot for Entourage. The entire male cast expressed their thanks to Sircuit. We were also able to get some celebrity secrets from behind-the-scenes:

All the guys on the show LOVE Sircuit's lip balm. They carry it around with them all day since it doesn't dry their lips and keeps them soft.

Julie and Robert use White Out on Adrian Grenier. It works great when he has dark circles and works well underneath the make-up. It brings out a nice color!

Kevin Dillon LOVES Day Care! According to Robert, Kevin never allows them to put any moisturizer on...until now. He even takes it home to use on a daily basis.

Hope you enjoyed Sircuit's celebrity news!!

Much love,
Sircuit Fanatic....Carlos Torres from JS2

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